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رئیس پژوهشکده علوم دندانپزشکی

 دکتر عباس منزوی ، رییس پژوهشکده علوم دندانپزشکی 

استاد گروه پروتزهای دندانی


1. Fellowship

Dental implant Fellowship, Tehran University of Medical Scienes , Tehran, Iran, 2013


 National board certified of prosthodontics , 1988



Prosthodontics, Faculty of Dentistry Tehran University Medical Scinens , Tehran, Iran, 1987



General Dentistrry , Faculty of Dentistry Tehran University, Tehran, Iran, 1980

Awards & Honors

1. The selected professor of School of Dentistry in the tenth seminar of respecting the position of professors in Tehran University


2.Selected dentist in 2010 by Islamic Republic of Iran Medical Council organization


3. The winner of award in university seniors in the 12th festival of Ave Sina, Tehran University of Medical Sciences.


4.The winner of the best thesis in educational research in the tenth Hedayat Festival


5. The winner of the third place in translating books in the seventh Hedayat Festival


6. The second academic festival of Shahid Motahari in 2009, better educational process


7. The winner of third place of research proposal in the second festival of Ave Sina



مو قعيت علمي _ آكادميك

1. Fellow of the International congress of oral implantologist


Scientific Position

1.Assistant Professor

Department of Prosthodontics, School of Dentistry, Tehran University of Medical Sciences , 1989-2003

2. Associated Professor

Department of Prosthodontics, School of Dentistry, Tehran University of Medical Sciences , 2004



1. Step by step with ITI implant prosthodontics

Authors: Dr.A.Monzavi Dr. M.Alikhasi

2. Dental Material Craig

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3. Dental Implant Prosthodontics (Misch)

Authors: Dr. A. Monzavi
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4. Esthetic in Dental Implant

Authors: Dr. Siadat, Dr. A. Monzavi, Dr. M. Alikhasi, Dr. Y.Solaimani Shayesteh., Dr.A.Khojaste.
1385, تالیف



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8. Aleolar bone stress around implants with different abutment angulation: an FE-analysis of anterior maxilla

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11. Evaluating the quality of Education of Dentistry school of Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

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12. A comparative study of crystal bone loss and implant stabililty between osteotome and conventional implant insertion techniques: a randomized controlled clinical trial study

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16.Use of Irreversible Hydrocolloid to Blockout Interproximal spaces for an Easy Impression taking

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Authors: Monzavi A
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26. Clinical Evaluation of occlusion

Authors: Monzavi A
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Editorial Board & Reviewing Activities

1. Journal of Dentistry, Tehran University of Medical Sciences


2. Journal of Islamic Dental Association of Iran

1998- 2003, Member Of writers council ,










1. Iranian Association of Prosthodontists (IAP)

Activity Type:Member

2. Iranian Dental Association (IDA)

Activity Type:Member

3. Member of the research council in CMF research center

Activity Type:Member

4. Member of the research council in Dental Implant Research center

Activity Type:Member

5. Member of the chosen committee by the minister in the specialized secretarial council of dentistry

Activity Type:Member

6. Member of the subcommittee of dentistry secretariat council

Activity Type:Member

7. Member of the supreme planning council of the Ministry of Health

Activity Type:Member
since 2006

8. Member of Discriminative Board in Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Activity Type:Member
since 2005

9. Member of Dental Implants in school of Dentistry, Tehran University

Activity Type:Member


Member of examine board in prosthodontic Board Exam

Activity Type:Member Of Board


1. Certifecate in Rhein 83 attachments


2.Certificate in basic and advance courses in Implantium implant system


3. Certificate in basic and advance courses in Ankylos implant system


4. Certificate in basic and advance courses in Noble Biocare (Replace) implant system


5. Certificate in basic and advance courses in Zimmer implant system


6. Certificate in basic and advance courses in ITI implant system


Research Interests

1. Implant Dentistry

2. Cosmetic Dentistry

3. Prosthesis